Welcome to the official website of Precision Ascend. We provide an outpatient, intensive pain management program for individuals with a variety of persistent pain (present for more than 3 months).

Our pain management program is led by a group of medical and allied health specialists who work together to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Our team includes pain specialists, physiotherapists, psychologists, specialist nurses, neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons. Our goals are to help you to minimise the impact of pain on your life, reduce your medication requirements, and improve your level of physical and psychological function. We also aim to get many individuals back to work.

The Precision Ascend program runs a number of 6 week courses every year. We aim to provide short waiting times for appointments (generally less than 3 weeks), and short waiting times for entry into the program (generally less than 2 months).

Precision Ascend currently offers programs in Victoria and Tasmania. These locations include Essendon, Frankston, Werribee, Heidelberg and Launceston

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Precision Ascend Expands in Victoria and Tasmania

Precision Ascend is proud to announce their delivery of a comprehensive, integrated, multi-disciplinary pain management program in multiple locations across Victoria and Tasmania. 

The Precision Ascend staff includes specialist pain physicians, pain nurses, physiotherapists, clinical and health psychologists and occupational therapists.

Persistent pain affects at least 1 in 5 Australians and has a huge impact on our society both in terms of financial cost and inadequately treated personal suffering.

The Precision Ascend program is for patients who have chronic pain that impacts on their daily lives and interferes with their physical and vocational functioning, personal and psychological wellbeing.

Through education, activation and function restoration, patients are helped to overcome unhelpful thoughts and ideas about pain and empowered to achieve a better quality of life in spite of pain.