Precision Brain, Spine & Pain Centre

Precision Neurosurgery is a superspecialised group of neurosurgeons, offering leading-edge brain and spine surgery. Neurosurgeons at Precision Neurosurgery are experienced in the treatment of a variety of painful conditions and spinal disorders.

Precision Neurology is a progressive specialist practice focussed on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions affecting the brain, spine, and nerves.

Precision Headache Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical clinic which brings together specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches and facial pain.

Precision Spine & Pain Clinic is a leading edge speciality medical centre which treats a wide range of spinal problems and other conditions causing pain.

Precision Psychology brings together a number of clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists to facilitate the evaluation and management of a broad spectrum of psychological conditions. With a strong emphasis on health psychology, our experts can offer a variety of psychological treatments which may be beneficial in the management of pain.

Precision Life

Precision Life Health & Fitness is a state-of-the-art health, fitness, and wellbeing studio located in Kew, a vibrant leafy inner-eastern suburb of Melbourne.

Bad Backs

Bad Backs brings together a team of healthcare specialists from numerous professions, and provides articles, newsletters, products and other back pain resources.

Medicolegal Express

Medicolegal Express service reviews claimants and provides independent medical evaluations, medical reports and medico-legal assessments to insurance companies and legal practitioners. We provide a fast appointment service, and follow up with a fast preparation and dispatch of medical reports.