Less Pain, More Living.

Precision Ascend is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to manage persistent pain in the best way possible.


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The Precision Ascend Difference

Our team has extensive experience and training in pain management, and staff work closely with each other in a collaborative manner to ensure the best outcome for you.
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Achieve a Better Quality of Life

Persistent pain (pain present for more than 3 months or beyond the time of usual healing) is a complex condition, with a range of physical and psychological factors which are at play. A simple, one-strategy approach is therefore unlikely to be successful.
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Enroll at Precision Ascend

A referral from a GP, Specialist, Physiotherapist or Psychologist is needed. To be accepted for Precision Ascend, certain criteria must be met. Suitability is assessed by our team, including a Pain Specialist, Psychologist, and Physiotherapist, and discussed at our multidisciplinary meeting.
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Our specialists consult at a variety of locations across Victoria and Tasmania. Arrange a referral for your patient today to engage our team in the task of their ongoing care.
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