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We’re a small group, facilitated by a multidisciplinary team


What is Precision Ascend?
Precision Ascend is an intensive outpatient multidisciplinary pain management program which we have refined, and is supported by scientific evidence (Pain 1999; 83:57-65). We aim to teach, train, and empower you to regain control over your body; equip you with the tools and knowledge to minimise the impact of your pain; and to motivate you to move forward with your life for the benefit of yourself and your family.

Chronic pain can be extremely difficult to treat, and for those who have tried a number of medications, procedures, and other treatment efforts, but still suffer from pain, Precision Ascend is likely to be an option.

Precision Ascend may be offered to those who are significantly distressed and disabled by their pain, and may be reliant on strong medication. Most individuals accepted into the Precision Ascend program have suffered from back or neck pain, or other types of pain, for more than 3 months. Work injuries or motor vehicle accidents are common causes of chronic pain and consideration for a Precision Ascend pain management program.

A comprehensive assessment is initially undertaken (a short pre-Ascend program) to ensure that people who enter the Precision Ascend program are medically suitable and psychologically motivated to do so, and to maximise the chance of a successful outcome.

Our intensive cognitive-behavioural, multidisciplinary treatment program is conducted in a small group setting in a non-threatening outpatient environment. Our aim is not to cure your pain, but rather to give you control over your pain and how to deal with it, reduce your medication needs, and improve your level of function and quality of life.

Download the Precision Ascend program information brochure for Healthcare Professionals.

Download the Precision Ascend program brochure for Patients.